Ex Utero



IN THIS ODD, hilarious parable, Rita loses her uterus, setting off a chain reaction of sympathetic reactions in other women. Off she sets to retrace her steps as though she’s hunting her car keys. No uterus. Luckily, talk show host Rod Nodderman offers her a spot on his TV talk show—and life will never be quite the same as Rita’s plight is followed by a sympathetic, if bumbling, public.

“Foos is a writer who’s going places.”

—Entertainment Weekly

“This absurdist first novel, spiced with graphic language about human anatomy, pokes holes in a lot of stale notions about sexuality, fertility, and fulfillment.”

—Library Journal

“A landmark in latter day post-Communist fiction. The birth of a new refined notion of sisterhood . . . and excellent flagship for a new wave to set sail behind.”

—Fay Weldon, Los Angeles Times Book Review

“A winning urban fairy tale that blows the delicacies of reproductive capabilities to kingdom come.”

—The Philadelphia Inquirer

Coffee House Press / 978-1566890304 / Paperback $16.95


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