A WILDLY ORIGINAL STORY about a woman who unwittingly gives birth to herself. Long before Dolly the sheep, there were Maxi, Minnie, and a clone called Middle. Maxi Dublin, a cat breeder, is thirty-four, single, and pregnant. She and her mother have been preparing for the birth of Maxi’s first child for months, years even. But when the day arrives, something goes horribly wrong. Instead of delivering a healthy newborn, Maxi gives birth to herself-a clone. In the medical world Maxi becomes a cause clbre. But when her controlling, eccentric mother, Minnie, kidnaps the clone, all hell breaks loose. The doctors threaten Maxi with lawsuits, the media goes into a feeding frenzy, and the entire nation waits for the latest Maxi, Minnie, and Middle news. Angry but inspired, Maxi enlists the help of Cecilia, a clairvoyant therapist with an uncanny ability to impersonate the Duchess of York. Together they hit the road in hot pursuit of Minnie, so that Maxi can once and for all find . . . herself.

“In Foos’s third and funniest, (she) irreverently recasts the familiar: a woman who wants to be a child but has one instead.”

The New Yorker

“This could be Foos’s breakthrough . . . should propel her into the ranks of the literary heavyhitters and swell the audience for her loony imagination and its serious underpinnings.”


“Foos is a precise writer who writes about messy things.”

—Seattle Times

“In the final accounting of cultural merit, the insanely serious and seriously insane work of Laurie Foos will no doubt sit somewhere between Greek mythology and The Sally Jesse Raphael Show, with Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams well within shouting distance…
“Foos is wonderfully adept at fully exploring the emotional cat’s cradle associated with giving birth, and yet she does it with enough humor that the members of an entire gender won’t scratch their heads, feeling like a bunch of stupid, bored guys. Her style is a testament to the subversive power of cartoons: tug reality by its edges and the truth tends to rise from the center.”

—Bob Michaels,


Harcourt / ISBN 978-0151004171 / Hardcover $24.95


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