Bingo Under the Crucifix



THE TWISTED, ECCENTRIC characters in this hilarious metaphor-stretching novel are ripped straight from today’s tabloids: a man obsessed with Spiderman, whose irresponsibility has reached such epic proportions that he literally reverts to being a newborn; and a homecoming queen who secretly gives birth in the locker room during halftime, then claims the infant was kidnapped by aliens. Foos’s satirical genius strikes funny, bittersweet chords about women, men, and responsibility gone haywire.

“A voice crying in the wilderness, demanding attention. Metaphor taken to the Nth degree, more real than real: funny, bitter, exhilarating, subversive, gloriously readable: Laurie Foos.”

Fay Weldon

“Foos takes the hidden threads of the id and the surface ego of our American culture and spins a moden fable of what happens when we begin to understand that even if we can’t redo our pasts, we can live with them.”

Alison McGhee

“From the critically acclaimed author of Ex Utero comes this absurd and comic fable about families, faith, luck, and our media-saturated culture.”

Village Voice Literary Supplement

“Following 1999s Twinship, this novel about a group of misfits trying to deal with the conundrum of a man who has gone and become a baby is again enlivened by Foos’s offbeat sense of humor and kooky characterization.”

Publishers Weekly

“Foos exhibits superb control of characters . . . the novel offers an unflinching look at life.”

The Fulton Sun

“The themes she addresses are . . . a credit to the author’s ability to balance the hyperbolic events with subtle, witty prose.”


“The world seems poised to go nuts over Laurie Foos’ Bingo Under the Crucifix
. . . subtle and hilarious.”

The Rake

Coffee House Press / ISBN 978-1566891332 / Paperback $14.00


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